Connecting Businesses with a Brighter Future

Conveniently located just northeast of Indianapolis, along Interstate 69 and near Interstate 70, Madison County offers a prime location allowing us to reach over 70 million people within a 6 hour drive.  A dual rail system, as well as a heavy reliable and redundant electrical grid, superior connectivity features, excellent quality and quantity of water, sewer, and natural gas services all at highly competitive prices allows Madison County to meet the needs of any prospective company.

We know that business is the lifeblood of any economy, which is why we make it easier for businesses to succeed. We are very committed to ensuring best-in-class support for our business partners: lower business costs, shovel-ready sites, availability of skilled workforce, low cost of living, and a team fully dedicated to support you.  Our success of over 6,500 New Jobs and $2 Billion Investment in the last 10 years is poised to continue as our team of 11 economic development professionals with strong multi-national experience promotes our Business Friendly community.  With an extremely competitive incentive plan, Madison County helps companies with their initial investment as well as incentives for training your workforce, further investments, and additional help to succeed in the market.

Madison County continues to experience strong growth in business, most notably with Nestlé’s production and warehousing facility, also located in the Flagship Industrial Park. After several expansions, Nestlé currently has invested over $750 Million and created over 750 new jobs at its 1 Million square foot facility in Anderson and continues to expand.  A number of other businesses from various industrial sectors also chose Madison County, making the community’s economic base very viable and diverse.